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Project Manager

Phoenixs  is a starting company that focuses on sustainability in organizational  processes. Our target is not only to create the plans to make an  organization future proof, but to guide the customer in the realization  of its plans until it is fully functional and operational. This means  that after we have defined the strategical plans, restructuring of the  existing organization, preparation of the merges of companies…, we place  the “booths on the ground” ad interim and take the lead in the  operational realization of the common defined targets. In fact, we are a  one stop shop for all organizational projects. We service clients in  various industries such as Real Estate, Food, Pharma, …

In order to help our clients, we are continuously looking for freelancers and fixed employees to assist us in this mission.

We are looking for you:

  • strategical mastermind that can sell their exquisite ideas to the costumer;

  • strong communication skills;

  • an interpersonal feeling to get the people to work together to realize a common well-defined target;

  • you make things happen and stay calm in the process;

  • to have an affinity for change management to assist our Phoenixs team;

  • to function smoothly in a project-based environment.

We require from you:

  • a master’s degree in, but not limited to, Psychology, Engineering, Human Resources or equivalent work experience;

  • at least 5 years of experience in management;

  • to speak Dutch, French and/or English;

  • flexibility to travel within Belgium;

  • software skills including Office Suite and Microsoft Project;

  • driven personality

We offer you:

  • an attractive salary package;

  • the possibility to assist in a start-up company, where your ideas are appreciated;

  • the prospect to work for fantastic customers who really need your help and experience;

  • FUN!

Interested? Let’s talk!

Send your CV and motivation to Jolien Claes –

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